- About Us -


Vanessa is a pediatric occupational therapist in McKinney, TX. She has worked as an OT for 13 years in the New York City region. She has gained experience with all age populations and in various settings from hospitals, subacute rehabilitation, pediatric clinics, preschools and most recently, the New York City Board of Education in middle school and high school.

She is the founder of Wild & Free OT, where she takes kids outside to improve sensory processing, executive functioning, fine motor, visual motor, gross motor, and of course, the main childhood occupation of play. As a mother of two and a homeschool mom, Vanessa has seen the overwhelming therapeutic benefits of playing and learning outside.

After moving out of an urban area and working in mainly traditional settings, Vanessa has observed the wonder, freedom, and skill building her children have experienced through active free play in the great outdoors. Children can absolutely improve their developmental skills outside in nature.