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Does your child?

Struggle with fine and gross motor

Decreased interest in playing

Spends too
much time on


Decreased tolerance to certain textures and movements.


Vanessa is a pediatric occupational therapist in McKinney, TX. She has worked as an OT for 13 years in the New York City region. She has gained experience with all age groups and in various settings including hospitals, subacute rehabilitation, pediatric clinics, preschools and most recently, the New York City Board of Education with middle school and high school students.

She is the founder of Wild & Free OT, where she takes kids outside to improve sensory processing, executive functioning, fine motor, visual motor, gross motor, and of course, the main childhood occupation of play

Our Services

Wild & Free OT provides individual occupational therapy services using a nature-based approach to help your child improve their developmental skills including

Social Skills

Self-care skills



What is pediatric occupational therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy works with children on developing the skills necessary to successfully “occupy” their time. A child occupies their time through play, making friends, learning in a variety of settings, handwriting, participating in extracurricular activities, and completing self-care tasks (tying shoes, dressing, etc.).

Children more than ever before are receiving evaluations due to difficulty with poor attention , decreased strength and endurance skills, sensory processing deficits, and emotional regulation.

Wild and Free OT offers a unique therapeutic approach that works with children and their families on reaching their goals in the local parks in the McKinney area. 

Why outdoor occupational therapy?

Wild & Free OT believes that being in nature will help inspire your child’s inspiration, motivation, and play while supporting development skills. We use the tools provided at various parks such as fallen trees, hiking paths, leaves, mud and sticks as opposed to the traditional clinic setting with shaving cream, ball pits, and toys. Being in natural and unrestricted setting will ignite a child’s sensory system, imagination, motivation, calm and flexibility. Open-ended play with the use of natural objects available at the park, as many nature-based therapists call ”loose parts”, helps a child problem solve and move their body in challenging and real-life ways.

What about bad weather?

Yes! All our sessions take place in all seasons and all weather. Wild & Free OT does not have an indoor treatment space. If it’s hot, rainy, windy, or cold outside, we do not cancel sessions but use this opportunity to play, explore and work on therapy goals. The only exception to outdoor therapy is hazardous weather like hail or a tornado warning. It is very important to dress your child in weather appropriate clothes. We like the saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Wild & Free OT can provide tips on how to dress for any type of weather outside.

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